The Kemetic Stages of Konsciousness

Kemetic stages of Konsciousness" by Amur Kaïs

Kemetic stages of Konsciousness” by Amur Kaïs

“The Kemetic Stages of Konsciousness” by Amur Kaïs

1. Anticipation:
The ability to imagine an experience before it occurs, an example would be the planning and anticipation of your first plane ride. Anticipation is a PreKonscious State of Awareness..

2. Self-Actualization (Experience):
Occurs when you actually are on board the plane.

3. Judgement:
Occurs as you begin comparing your anticipations of the plane ride with the actual experiences taking place on a moment-to-moment basis. However you can’t come to a conclusion about the plane ride until it’s over. Judgement is a PostKonscious Awareness.

4. Memory:
When someone asks you a month later how you enjoyed your first plane ride you leave your linear thinking process and go to your Quantum Memory which contains 3 sets of memory of the experience: 1.the planing memory, 2.the actual experience of the memory, 3.The memory of all the things that occurred in flight to make you decide whether or not you enjoyed the flight.

All your experiences go through this same process.

Kemetic stages of Konsciousness" by Amur Kaïs

Kemetic stages of Konsciousness” by Amur Kaïs




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