The Adinkra Symbols – AKOBEN

Akoben: The war horn 

AKOBEN- “war horn,” symbolizing loyalty, devotion and service. Akoben is a wind instrument used in summoning warriors to the battlefield. It signifies alertness and readiness to serve a good cause. Seeing this symbol is supposed to encourage people to be ready at all times to serve their nations even in times of war. It also stresses loyalty to ones nation.

In West Afrika, the AKOBEN stands for vigilance and wariness—a set of behaviors that is pertinent for the issue of environmental conservation. Further, AKOBEN also signifies alertness and readiness to serve a good cause.

In Jamaica, arriving there via the Middle Passage of our Ancestors, the Abeng, maintains it’s importance among the Koromantee tribes.

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ODi – Something Beautiful

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Entering a new Life Cycle

Ancient Philosophies tell us that every seven years we all undergo a total regenerative change in our systems. It is a soul’s process of individuality and individual achievement.

Where was I seven years ago?

this pic is not quite on the day but close to it.

However, in entering this new Life Cycle I would like to share my contemplation of what just went by….

– Learning to put ourselves first is very hard for some of us, for those of us however, it’s crucial.

– Life is fragile, we need to love as much as we can and as hard as we can, never fear to show someone your true feelings, it may be your last chance.

– Be grateful for the rainy days as much as sunny days, we need the rain for our food to grow.

– Knowing that there is greatness within, exploring and letting it out, achieving the greatest potential of our existence, this is to live in the spirit of Sankofa.

– and like the Great Nina would say “Learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.”