Salsa pa’ Oshun

Love the individuality of our spirituality…



-Courtesy of

Oshun & Yemaya

A daughter of both waters, I dance and celebrate them both in this day…


-Courtesy of

Oshun & Oggun

-Courtesy of

Oshun Abbilona


(Praising the Spirit of the River)

 Osun àwúráolu, serge síì elewe roju oniki.  Làtojúku  awede we mo.

The Spirit of the River, turtle drummer, open the path of attraction.  Mother of Salutations.  Cleansing Spirit clean the inside and out.

Eni ide ki su omi a san réré.  Alode k’oju ewuji o san réré.
The maker of brass does not polute the water. We are entitled to wear the   crown that awakens all pleasure.

Alode k’oju emuji o san réré.  O male odale o san réré.  Ase.
We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.  The Spirit of the Earth that wanders freely. May it be so.



(Praise names for the Spirit of the River)

 Òsun òyéyéni mò.
 The Spirit of the River who is full of understanding.

O wa yanrin wayanrin kówó sí.
Spirit who digs sand to bury money.

Agégun soro.
Spirit who blushes while serving as a warrior.

Oyeye ni mò.
Spirit who glories in fresh palm leaves.

Oshun Libation

Blessed be this day!

Having the chance one more year to give thanks  for the constant blessings, thanks for filling my life with authentic love of real friends, and a loving family, is a blessing in it self.

May your rivers continue to run gracefully through my being

keeping the blessings upon me for the rest of my life.

My dear Mother

Netter of Beauty

Cleanse me inside out…