“The Kemetic Stages of Konsciousness” Part II

“The Kemetic Stages of Konsciousness” Part II by Amur Kaïs

This is a variation on the esoteric hierogram of the four states of consciousness in mankind. If we go counter-clockwise we can begin at the right base where there is a single triangle representing spirit, next at the vertex there is a double triangle representing spirit and matter together which is two or human experience. At the left base there is a small triangle divided into four parts and it represents memory and the number four. Normally this symbol would be in the middle inverted and the number three for intellect would be at the left base. If we move intellect to the left base we then represent three states of active consciousness centered around a fourth state that is memory.

Strange as it may seem this rendering of the hierogram is correct for the main theme of this time period. In Western ideology intellect is thought to be the center of consciousness reducing memory to a simple facility of thought. However, in ancient text all states of consciousness emerged from the Primeval Waters [memory without definition] thus we have a realization for our race that tells us under our normal conditions memory is the center of consciousness making both consciousness and intellect merely tools of our ancient memory. If you follow the implications of this truth you can grasp profound metaphysical conditions under which personalities and memories from other lifetimes can emerge intact should you choose to retrieve them.

In conclusion we have a great example of esoteric knowledge with this hierogram. First there is the identification of conscious states: One = preconscious anticipation of experience [spirit], Two = self-actualization of experience [experience in the process of being], Three = post-conscious judgment of experience and Four= immediate memory of experience. An easy way to remember is by using an example of your first plane ride: Even though you had never been on a plane you could still anticipate what it would be like plus everything you do to prepare for the trip is the first part of the experience placed into memory. This is the first stage of consciousness called “anticipation.” It is the planning of experience before it occurs.

When you are finally on the plane you enter the second stage of consciousness: self-actualization of the experience. You are now experiencing the full pleasure of the event and beginning to compare the actual stages of the event with the anticipations you perceived earlier. However you can’t determine a final judgment for the event until it is over. When the plane lands you decide the experience as favorable or unfavorable or both. Remember, you can’t make an adequate decision about an experience until it is over and then comes your intellectual judgment. A month later when someone asks you about the experience you can speak from either of the three states of memory recorded individually [anticipation, experience, judgment] or you can answer strictly from the overall memory. A powerful hierogram!

I can’t say enough about this powerful Motherload hierogram. Starting at the triangle on the right side base, if you extended the vertex lines to micro- infinity you would locate a non-ordinary reality on the other side of the atomic structure while extending the base lines toward macro-infinity you would define the expanse of the physical Universe.

The second triangle at the top is actually representing the back of a three-sided pyramid where the two opposing sides join. If you follow the median line between the two opposing sides you will find that the greatest opposition is at the base and the highest level of resolution disappears into the vortex. We realize from this that the resolution of all opposites is never resolved within the opposites themselves, but in a third location.

We see within the three-sided triangle in the middle of the glyph that One plus its opposite Two manifest at location Three which is at all times an equal combination of One and Two. Four is then a multi-level formula for reproduction that tells us: 1= sequential, two = simultaneous and three = exponential applications. Thus we end up with a memory formula that states: Memory = One + Two+ Three +{(One)(Two)(Three)}+ One X ten to the 1,Two X ten to the 2, Three X ten to the 3 and Four X ten to the 4 which = 288 or Tuat [a unit of reincarnation]. Although not necessary to know, this is vital to understanding the prerequisites of Astrology Signs: Fire Signs = Signs of anticipation [Aries, Leo, Sagittarius] Earth Signs = Signs of self-actualization [Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn] Air Signs = Signs of judgment [Gemini, Libra, Aquarius] Water Signs = Signs of memory [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces].

“The Kemetic Stages of Konsciousness” Part I

4 thoughts on ““The Kemetic Stages of Konsciousness” Part II

  1. Thank You for Scribing this vortex of information. I kid you not…I feel as though every memory I’ve earned has lead me here to this article of writing. I am overwhelmed with happiness right now because I recently came across that sign while formulating thinking patterns and came to the same conclusion. However this article has affirmed my Ology (study) to be accurate. Thanks A Billion Billion!

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