Francesca Ancarola | Darte Luz

Talented Chilean singer/songwriter Francesca Ancarola started composing at a very young age, having the opportunity to show her work in 1984 while participating in a local festival organized by a music magazine, getting the award for Best Performer after singing her song “Aire a Libertad.” Two years later, Ancarola began studying music, soon after forming a jazz fusion band called El Carro. In 1988, the young musician had the opportunity to tour Europe along with theatre company Teatro Q. The following year, Francesca Ancarola composed chamber music for the first time, naming her work Biorritmica. In 1993, the artist decided to improve her skills by taking lyrical singing classes at the Chilean Catholic University. She moved to the U.S. in 1997 after winning a Fulbright scholarship and recorded her debut album, called Que El Canto Tiene Sentido, that same year. After graduating from New York’s Manhattan School of Music, her second album Pasaje de Ida y Vuelta was released.

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