RAPSO POETRY | 2 Cents Project | African and Indian in Love!!

Recently, videos with the interesting title, 2 Cents Project, have been making the rounds on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These videos, made by a collective called the 2 Cents Movement, use entertaining sketches to tackle issues that are pertinent to young people.

The movement started in 2010, when students from the University of the Southern Caribbean’s debating society wanted to create an engaging way for them and their peers to discuss social issues. Led by Jean Claude Cournand, who was studying behavioural science at the Maracas, St Joseph campus, they formed the 2 Cents Society, taken from the saying, “putting in your two cents worth.”

“I noticed there was an urgent need to create a forum that encouraged young people to engage in serious dialogue,” Cournand said. “The programmes that existed at the time were just not conducive to this.”

-Read more at http://guardian.co.tt/entertainment/2013-07-15/not-afraid-put-their-%E2%80%982-cents%E2%80%99

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