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R.I.P. Dr. Richard King

Brother Richard King was one of the foremost scientist of our times who specifically studied the potentiality of Melanin and its characteristics with respect to peoples of color, as opposed to a scientific community that has always been preoccupied with studying the effects of the lack of melanin as it affects a white global minority.

Happy Kwanzaa!


Kwanzaa, the Harvest.

Thinking back on how productive, joyful, powerful and how eventful this year has been. The challenge of this struggle is keeping yourself true to your pourpose in life. As a dear friend often sais: “Wisdom is the absence of choice”

We shall make our choices always the wise ones.

Happy Kwanzaa to all!

Mighty Sparrow | Jean & Dinah

“Jean and Dinah” (When The Yankees Gon)is a calypso from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean sung by calypsonian Mighty Sparrow that became an international hit in 1956. It was also his first of eight roadmarches. This calypso, Sparrow’s first hit, commented on the large-scale prostitution that the bases once supported and the desperation of these prostitutes following the closure of many American military bases in Trinidad in the post-war period.

Slinger Francisco CMT (born July 9, 1935), better known as Mighty Sparrow, is a calypso singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Trinidadian citizenship. Known as the “Calypso King of the World”, he is one of the best-known and most successful calypsonians. He has won Trinidad’s Carnival Road March competition eight times, Calypso King/Monarch eight times, and has twice won the Calypso King of Kings title.

Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mighty_Sparrow

Well the girls in town feeling bad
No more Yankees in Trinidad
They going to close down the base for good
Them girls have to make out how they could
Brother is now they park up in town
In for a penny, and in for a pound
Believe me it’s competition for so
Trouble in the town when the price drop low


So when you bounce up Jean and Dinah
Rosita and Clementina, round the corner posing
Bet your life is something they selling
And if you catch them broken
You can get em all for nothing
Don’t make no row, the yankees gone, Sparrow take over now

Things bad is to hear them cry
Not a sailor in town, the night clubs dry
Only West Indians like me or you
Are able to get a drink or two
And as we have things back in control
Ah seeking revenge with me heart and soul
Brother when I spread the news around
Is to see how them cave men come into town

(This verse is sometimes omitted)
When the Yankee was in full swing
Just imagine how I was suffering
Mavis told me straight to me face
How she find I too fast and out of place
No, no, no, they would start to fret
Money or not poor Sparrow can’t get
Because with the Yankees they have it cool
Calypsonians too hard to fool

It’s the glamour boys again
We are going to rule Port of Spain
No more Yankees to spoil the fete
Dorothy have to take what she get
All of them who used to make style
While they taking two shillling with a smile
No more hotel to rest your head
By the sweat of thy brow thou shall eat bread

“Reggie/Eddie Murphy – Red Light ft. Snoop Lion



Soul Asylum – Runaway Train

Amazing Ode to Madiba

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven

NEW JOINT: Cham – “Fighter” ft. Damian Marley


RIP Madiba

Heavenly warrior,

eternal soul,

freedom fighter,

respected elder,

now ocupies a place of honor among our ancestors

Live Always in Our Hearts!