“My Name Is George Junius Stinney Jr”

This Ain’t A Love Poem – Kayrond

This Ain’t A Love Poem is a sentimental piece that expresses the thoughts that go through the mind of a young male in a long term Relationship and goes into his deepest thoughts and unspoken emotions of the relationship with his lady.

The name This Ain’t A Love Poem is an insight of what a relationship puts us through. It brings forth the reality of being in a relationship in our present times. I wrote this poem to express that what we see from other relationships and the media is only a fraction of the truth of what it takes to be in a relationship. That a relationship doesn’t work on ideas but on senses. So if people remain senseless nothing will change. I strongly feel that if we take time to know who we are then our relationships will be better.

SPOKEN WORD: Terrorism is not a Religion – Hersi



“Wish No More” by Queen Nzinga Maxwell

love life
live love
live to love to love to live

this is where I now feel
ended the need to feed on…

once weakened by my fear to be
and more than I could see

thought I did not deserve

I feed on…


nourishment to my soul
blood’s warmth falls between my legs
the kind of passion that never grows cold

my womb is bold
cause these ancient mysteries

vowed never to be told

but that healing…

…from within?

so why want more
if what I have is enough

I dream
but not wish
cause wishes abbreviate my dreams
all i wish to be

is already written in my destiny
so why fear?
why wish?
say no more!

DUB POETRY/SPOKEN WORD | Clifton Joseph, “Slo Mo,”


SPOKEN WORD – Dwayne Morgan – The Sum of Her Parts

Dwayne Morgan is a Canadian spoken word artist, motivational speaker and event organizer based in Toronto, Ontario.
Morgan began his career as a spoken word artist in 1993. He is the founder of Up From The Roots Entertainment, which was established in 1994 to promote the positive artistic contributions of African Canadian and urban influenced artists. He received both the African Canadian Achievement Award for Youth Achievement, and the Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in the Arts in 1998. Morgan has self-published two chapbooks and three full volumes of his poetry.
As a producer, Morgan has now produced over 100 events, the largest of which are the annual spoken word concerts When Brothers Speak and When Sisters Speak, and the Toronto International Poetry Slam on Labour Day weekend each year.
Morgan collaborated with Driftwood Studios to film Three Knocks, a ten minute film based on his domestic violence poem of the same name, which premiered at the 2006 Reel World Film Festival in Toronto.
He was a member of the 2007 Toronto Slam Team formed by Up From The Roots. The team finished second at the 2007 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Morgan was the host of Diasporic Music, a monthly spoken word show on CKLN-FM, and is an advice columnist in the free daily paper, 24 Hours, in Toronto. He is also a Toronto regional representative on the Board of Directors for Spoken Word Canada, and is an active member of the Spoken Word Arts Network (SWAN).

Queen Nzinga n’ Da Afrokon Revolushan – Poem to Ulşegun

My old group back in 2006

Ulsegun is a Yoruba name meaning victorious. this is poem to a brother who one day lost his sense of purpose.

Afrokon (afro-koncious) Revolushan was an initiative that lasted about a year which intended to blend spoken word and afrikan diasporic music. Voice: Queen Nzinga, Guitar: Choma, Base: Luiska, keyboard: Mondul, Djembe: Erick, Drums: Victor, Dance: Hector Peralta, & Aisha Robinson


SPOKEN WORD – Megan Falley – “Fat Girl”

Megan Falley, Spoken Word Artist and author of After the Witch Hunt (Write Bloody Publishing 2012) performs “Fat Girl” a poem written after Angel Nafis, after Terrance Hayes

Gil Scott-Heron – This must be deep

Good Lesson on Spoken Word

Gil Scott-Heron explaining the difference between being poetic and communicating. Taken from the Black Wax DVD. Buy it, it’s a classic!


SPOKEN WORD: I Hate Stripping – By Loany G

Ex-Dancer, Loany G, does a spoken word poem on why she didnt care for dancing and speaks on her experiences and purposes for dancing a year after she decided to stop